Laura Talaway

Overcoming The Fear

Overcoming The Fear

Every creative process doesn’t always go smoothly. Artists are bound to face problems, a lot of time the actual problems don’t have much to do with creating the arts, but it is more about the fear within ourselves. We tend to think that other people’s grass is always greener than ours, thus making ourselves doubting our own works. This project is based on a quote from the well-known illustrator and designer, Christoph Niemann where he shares his fear that cripples his creative process. The concept of the project is taken from the traditional Japanese aesthetics, Wabi-sabi, a view centered on the acceptance of imperfection. Beauty can be found behind the imperfection, impermanent, and incompletion. The aesthetics of Wabi-sabi can easily be found in the pottery making. Potteries often show asymmetrical shapes, unrefined colors and texture, and sometimes even cracked. But that is the beauty of pottery making. The creative process could be described in similar terms, it is rarely beautiful and it’s more often ugly, irritating and uncomfortable, but the best works come from embracing the ugliness, challenges, fears and the things we simply couldn’t control. 




Design & Animation: Laura Talaway
Music & Sound: Jonathan Atkins
Voice Over: Jordan Letchford